Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Serving with Significance

By Kris Freeman
Revolution Church

Following Monday's holiday, we are having our weekly staff meeting at Revolution Church on Tuesday, and you may also be returning to work. One of the things we emphasize as a staff and a church is serving with significance. Based on Sunday's message from Matthew 20, remember that "among you it will be different. He that is among you that wants to be your leader must first be your servant."

Our mission is Live.Love.Serve. No matter your business, organization or individual involvement in either, you can serve with significance. Every visitor here is a guest; in fact we never use that word "visitor" at all in any of our verbiage or printed material or from the stage. We don't believe in visitors. We want to welcome guests. Everyone does their part, from the paid employee to the unpaid volunteer.

Here are 12 steps to serving with significance. Enjoy, and make a difference!

Serve with Significance

Twelve Principles of Serving with Significance

1. I am empowered to build strong relationships, from the moment a guest steps onto the property.

2. I am reminded to always think like a first-time guest
        a. Are signs properly placed?
        b. Do people understand where to go?
        c. Are we greeting at every point of contact?

3. I am empowered to create an environment for our guests and be what they need.

4. I understand my role. I am significant and I matter to our guests and they should always matter to me.

5. I seek to be innovative and creative and am not afraid to try new things.

6. I resolve problems myself and don’t pass off what I can do on my own.

7. I am a teammate of others who serve and involve them in my role.

8. I am always learning and growing and finding ways to improve.

9. I am a planner and will be prepared.

10. I am proud of my appearance, language and behavior.

11. I am aware of security issues and privacy, and always prepared to look out for the best of our guests and my organization.

12. I am clean and safe. I will step up and keep my environment accident-free and proper for presentation.

Jesus died for every person. May we always treat our guests like they matter as much as Jesus died that they do.

Pastor Kris

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