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Overwhelmed (03.05.17 Notes)

The Best Yes – Week 1
Pastor Kris Freeman
Revolution Church

Scripture: 1 Samuel 25:23-38 (NLT)

Abigail Intercedes for Nabal
23 When Abigail saw David, she quickly got off her donkey and bowed low before him. 24 She fell at his feet and said, “I accept all blame in this matter, my lord. Please listen to what I have to say. 25 I know Nabal is a wicked and ill-tempered man; please don’t pay any attention to him. He is a fool, just as his name suggests. But I never even saw the young men you sent.

26 “Now, my lord, as surely as the Lord lives and you yourself live, since the Lord has kept you from murdering and taking vengeance into your own hands, let all your enemies and those who try to harm you be as cursed as Nabal is. 27 And here is a present that I, your servant, have brought to you and your young men. 28 Please forgive me if I have offended you in any way. The Lord will surely reward you with a lasting dynasty, for you are fighting the Lord’s battles. And you have not done wrong throughout your entire life.

29 “Even when you are chased by those who seek to kill you, your life is safe in the care of the Lord your God, secure in his treasure pouch! But the lives of your enemies will disappear like stones shot from a sling! 30 When the Lord has done all he promised and has made you leader of Israel, 31 don’t let this be a blemish on your record. Then your conscience won’t have to bear the staggering burden of needless bloodshed and vengeance. And when the Lord has done these great things for you, please remember me, your servant!”

32 David replied to Abigail, “Praise the Lord, the God of Israel, who has sent you to meet me today! 33 Thank God for your good sense! Bless you for keeping me from murder and from carrying out vengeance with my own hands. 34 For I swear by the Lord, the God of Israel, who has kept me from hurting you, that if you had not hurried out to meet me, not one of Nabal’s men would still be alive tomorrow morning.” 35 Then David accepted her present and told her, “Return home in peace. I have heard what you said. We will not kill your husband.”

36 When Abigail arrived home, she found that Nabal was throwing a big party and was celebrating like a king. He was very drunk, so she didn’t tell him anything about her meeting with David until dawn the next day. 37 In the morning when Nabal was sober, his wife told him what had happened. As a result he had a stroke, and he lay paralyzed on his bed like a stone. 38 About ten days later, the Lord struck him, and he died.

The Best Yes is a series inspired by the book of the same name by Lysa Terkheurst. This series and it’s visual materials are used by permission of Elevation Church resources in Charlotte, NC. Copies of the book are available for purchase in the welcome center. 

“The two most powerful words in the English language are yes and no. We make our decisions, and then our decisions make us.” – Lysa Terkeurst

In 1 Samuel 25, the story of Nabal, Abigail, and David illustrates how we can make decisions that are in line with God’s will for our lives by focusing on our attention, intention, and prevention. 

David had been anointed as king of Israel, but hadn’t yet been appointed to take the throne. He is on the run from King Saul, who is trying to kill him. David and his 600 men were encamped around the flocks of a man name Nabal, protecting the livestock. When festival time came around, David sends to Nabal asking for food for his men. Nabal, known as a foolish and stingy man, refuses. Frustrated with this, David sets out with his men to kill Nabal and his household. When Nabal’s wife Abigail hears, she sets out with food to meet David.

When you are overwhelmed, you must give ATTENTION to the right matters.

1. Examine what we are paying attention to. Abigail asked David to ignore the foolish Nabal. What are we paying attention to that is foolish?
2. Where we focus is where we worship. Is your busy schedule your IDOL?
3. “Go where wisdom gathers, not where wisdom scatters.”
4. Maintaining this focus drives us into deeper intimacy with God.

What are two things in your life that need LESS ATTENTION and one thing that needs MORE ATTENTION?

When you are overwhelmed, you must give INTENTIONALITY to the right approach.

1. All David wanted was food for his men. She uncomplicated a very messy situation by giving David what he wanted and discerning his intentions.
2. Learn to ask “what do you want” in a situation instead of attacking what you think someone intends.
3. The one who obeys God’s instruction for today will develop a keen awareness of His direction for tomorrow.

What is one behavior I need to be INTENTIONAL about eliminating from my thought process (jealousy, envy, assumption, resentment, unforgiveness, regret, gossip, overcommitting, etc)?

When you are overwhelmed, you must take PREVENTIVE steps.

1. Abigail reminds David of God’s faithfulness.
2. Abigail humbly warns David not to take justice into his own hands and derail his destiny.
3. A word Abigail used with David was Puwqah (down on himself) which means a heavy conscience. Don’t complicate things unnecessarily. Simplify!
4. Trust that God is good and that HE IS GOOD AT BEING GOD.

What wise decisions do you need to make to PREVENT from derailing your destiny?

Even though Nabal was not a good husband to her, Abigail was faithful to stay in God’s will. She persuaded David to spare his life – God handled the justice, and later brought Abigail and David together.

We should examine our attention, intention and prevention when we make our decisions.

Ultimately, when we are overwhelmed, we get into God’s Word and always find God’s will.

Three action steps: 
1. Say no to two things this week that are unnecessary and say yes to one thing that really matters and budget its time.
2. Attack the issue, not the person. When you make a change, make it personal for you, not personal for them.
3. Commit 15 minutes each day in the morning, lunch or evening to talking to God about my schedule, praying and reading His Word.

I am the most important priority to God and I will make Him mine.


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