Wednesday, February 20, 2013

You can't do everything...

Revolution Church is so blessed. We are really working on leadership development. So I want to take a moment to pass some encouragement to leaders, serve teams and the people who make up our church every week. Are you ready? Get ready. Receive it, in the name of Jesus.


As our church grows, opportunities to expand and serve get crazy busy. We are not going to slow down serving and impacting our city. We are going to offer strong foundations to build families, which is why we have a 10-year vision for changing families and futures through Financial Peace University. But just like other things, this may not be the spot for you.

Do not assume that God called you to lead every single ministry, attend every single event and be involved in every single meeting. You will burnout quicker than a smoldering fire.


Leaders emerge with influence in the face of opportunity. We are counting on God to fill our church and birth passion inside your belly, matched with your spiritual gifts, to serve him passionately and worship in your serving.

You have no influence if you never impact people and you are not committed. Be passionate and have purpose about what God has called you to do.

Revolution Church is going to do three things and do them well:
1. Life change through the transforming power of Christ. We are not shopping the 30 percent of people attending other churches. We are passionate about reaching the 70 percent who aren't attending anywhere and need Jesus. We're going to make a dent in Hell by telling people about Heaven.
2. Love people and challenge them to grow in their faith. We are going to push people to plug into discipleship, give faithfully, READ YOUR BIBLE, pray every day. Take a step every day to grow.
3. Serve the community and our world.

HOW this happens is you. We can't make every announcement during worship, or market all events, or budget for internal ministries that simply don't fit what God has called us to do. What we CAN do is place ministry in the hands of people who will passionately lead it, fund it, staff it, grow it and make it awesome.

I just had this on my heart. Our church is growing fast, and we have lots of stuff going on.

Don't build an unstable wall for tomorrow without a foundation, but fortify your city one brick at a time.


I'm not afraid to say God put you here for this time because YOU can. Not me. YOU.

I just get to be blessed by what he puts inside of you.

I love you and these are my thoughts.

Pastor K