Monday, August 4, 2014

We Still Build Houses...

One year ago today, we walked into the home of Matthew and T.C. Bush to a crowd of supporters, from a limousine chauffeured from Nashville, to television cameras and the snapping of newspaper lenses and sound recorded by microphones. Project Restoration was the largest undertaking in the history of our church, with over 120 volunteers in two-plus weeks to completely remodel the inside of a home from the studs and sub flooring to a livable space rid of a black mold infestation. We raised thousands of dollars, saved thousands more in goods and discounts, and partnered hope in a place it was once lost.

There was a sense of accomplishment for #ServetheCity. Tangible proof was before our eyes. God did an amazing work, and we were witness to it and blessed to put our hands on it. For 31 days and more, July 2013 was incredible.

Saturday evening, I took down the city map in our church entrance containing Lego blocks of our #ServetheCity campaign for 2014. We removed the Lego-style coroplast block wall from the stage and threw tape-laced plastic into the dumpster. We tucked away clipboards, threw away sign up sheets, changed out the decor and moved on. No fanfare, no news media, no big production, nobody there to pat us on the back. The close to 31 days of serving was as silent as the balloons lifted in a memorial celebration one hour before.

#ServetheCity drifted away with a whisper.

Funny thing, we still build houses at Revolution Church.

Project Restoration happened again, you just don't realize it yet. Before we put up the studs, we had to fortify the wall.

Be patient, this reveal may be bigger than the last one.



I love you, and these are my thoughts.

Pastor K