Sunday, March 2, 2014

RevKids is busting at the seams! - READ THIS and SHARE IT!

Good afternoon! Hope you are enjoying the impending snowpocalypse today!

God is doing amazing things at Revolution Church. Can I tell you about a few of them? DON'T STOP READING BECAUSE THE LAST PART IS THE BEST PART!

  • In two weeks, we will have a meeting to finalize the purchase of the property at 3644 Highway 31-W in White House. It's where we are currently meeting, and we will continue to partner with Trinity Fellowship Church who meets adjacent to us. Upon approval, we have a goal to close on the property and facilities by Easter Sunday.
  • We have experienced the largest number of first-time guests in the past five weeks than any period since the launch of our church.
  • We had another quarterly membership dinner today. People are connecting to the mission and getting plugged in!
  • Saturday is our partnership with Generation Church and the prom outreach event. We still need volunteers and we still need dresses, jewelry and attire by Saturday!
  • There are already 29 people signed up for the Project Restoration build on March 29th with Jeff and Jenny Long and the playground for children with special needs.
  • Pastor Kris is going to Africa on a mission trip, March 21-31.
And this next one is a big one.

Our RevKids ministry is literally busting at the seams. So here's the deal. We had a near record number of kids today in our RevKids ministry, which is already divided into five age groups or categories (RevKids, Juniors, Buddies, Tots, Babies). We have expanded our classrooms for Kids and Juniors, added classrooms for Buddies and keep putting more stuff and people for Tots and Babies because those little adorable critters are everywhere! We even moved our offices to make the youth center dedicated to kids and students.

You want to plug in? This is where you can.

We are intentional about an environment to share Jesus with our children. We are there to be fun, to be impactful, to be safe, secure and solid in our commitment. As we consider as leaders the potential of adding a third service to accommodate our growth, the most essential area of excellence is working with our RevKids ministry.

Can you give ONE WORSHIP SERVICE PER MONTH? Here's how:
  1. Sign up by commenting below on Facebook to volunteer, or emailing us at and Pastor Ian and Katie will contact you.
  2. Fill out a secure background check form required for all children's workers.
  3. Find an area of service and interest (teaching, assisting, hospitality, technology, kids check in and check out).
  4. Serve one service per month minimum, and on that day, attend adult worship in the alternate time slot. For example, if you worship with adults in the first service, you can serve in the second.
That's it. Be intentional, make a difference, and let's grow the generation that makes up a large demographic of our church.

You can do it, because you are awesome. And after reading this blog, there will be 10 new team members by next week.

God is on the move. Go with him, and experience something awesome.

Thank you for being a great church.

Pastor Kris

"Do what you need to do. Go ahead. I am with you, heart and soul."