Wednesday, June 6, 2012

This leader needs prayer...

This leader needs prayer. And here are my reasons.

(See the inspiration for this article by reading Thom Rainer's blog)

I am a leader, not by position but by opportunity and most humbly as a servant of God who has been called to carry his Word. I do not take this opportunity lightly, and I am transparent about my walk with God through this journey as I speak and write to others.

I am called first to be a husband to my wife, and a dad to my children. I am called to be a pastor, and I get the opportunity to express this in leadership as the lead and founding pastor of Revolution Church. I am not called to be a coach, or a community volunteer, but I choose to use the gift God has placed in me to serve my community and I always believe in making a difference in those around me.

My Prayer Needs

Allow me to share with you where I need prayer as a leader. This list is not exhaustive but it is authentic and transparent. I am totally dependent on God for leadership because without I am capable of messing this up all by myself and with God, I have been promised to do the impossible, and that He would always lead me.

  • I pray for the gifts of wisdom and knowledge to lead people and cast vision. May my thoughts never be upon material blessings, needs or circumstances except and only when it is necessary for those physical things to carry out the vision God has laid before us. May I always seek God and His wisdom on a level that is authentic and sincere and want nothing that would make me greedy or dependent upon more than I need.
  • I pray I will always lead with integrity and I will always do what is right perhaps even at the cost of what is popular or what is easy.
  • I pray to always be a good steward of what I have been given, and what others have given to grow our church in all ways.
  • I pray my wife will see in her eyes what I see in the mirror, and that my character as a pastor will always reflect the character of Christ as I serve and lead my home.
  • I pray my wife will always know she is the living covenant God has joined within me and that beyond my faith and love for God, she will always know she is first.
  • I pray my children will see their daddy as authentic in ministry but know that my job never comes before my relationship with them.
  • I pray I will always be honest.
  • I pray I will always be transparent.
  • I pray I will always deal with criticism in a Godly manner and I will:
    • Constructively change following those criticisms which are valid
    • Ignore those which have no merit and let integrity speak for me
    • Never be paralyzed by criticism in leadership and lose focus on my calling
  • I pray I will always be accountable, accept Godly correction and let accountability bless my leadership and never curse it.
My Ultimate Need

I pray God will allow me to work through my insecurity, an insecurity that drives me for perfection but collapses my own belief in what God is doing through me. I pray Kris will see the same potential within Kris that God sees in Kris when He looks upon me. 

I pray I will be totally dependent upon God for my strength and security and my validation for who I am in Christ will be secure in Him. I pray I will never be arrogant, never develop an ego that is greater than the my humility. I pray I am reminded daily I can do nothing without him and everything with him.

I pray the success of others will always be an encouragement to me, and my deficiencies as a leader will never be the basis for comparison, but my strengths in Christ will always empower me to press forward by who I am in Christ Jesus.

I love you, and these are my thoughts, and thank you to Thom Rainer of Lifeway for the inspiration.

Pastor K

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